How the Karla Gilbert 7-Week Program Works


For 7 weeks, you will receive daily thought provoking emails first thing in the morning which will form your ‘mindset’ for the day.

From each daily prompt, you begin to assess your current lifestyle and how to incorporate healthier habits through awareness, knowledge, tips and techniques that focus on non-dieting behaviours.

Here’s an example week of what the program looks like


wk2 mindfit

Understanding mindless eating while creating awareness around your daily food choices.


 wk2 bodyfit

How to create your own individualised fitness program – that suits you best!


wk2 nutrientfit

Focusing on sugar with simple terms of how to reduce the amount you eat each day


wk2 foodfit

How to sharpen up the process of your weekly grocery shopping


wk2 lifefit

Why stress, environmental/ food toxins, hormonal issues, digestion and sleep issues play a role

Write and OWN your future wellness

Karla Gilbert Program extras

Have fun designing and exploring your healthy mind, body and soul blueprint with daily activities designed to give you the power to move forward with confidence or refer back to when necessary

Karla Gilbert testimonial

Want to know more?

tick How much does it cost?

The 7-week program costs $79 which includes your 7-day food and fitness diary assessed by Karla (not mandatory)

tick When is the best time to start?

The Karla Gilbert program is designed to start the moment you join.  No waiting around for intake dates, new journeys begins each Monday so all you need is your commitment, desire and readiness for change.

tick Will I lose weight?

Although the program does not focus on weight loss (as we all  know this is not sustainable), the strategies are tailored towards finding your ideal weight and exploring your habits and behaviours that have lead you to the present moment. This could emerge from a number of issues addressed throughout the 7-weeks. The goal is for you to have the know how to continue your journey once the program is over

tick Is the program universal?

Yes!  If you speak english, the program is designed to encompass all, regardless of gender.

tick Do I have to follow a food plan?

The program covers nutrition in simple terms which allows you to understand in depth how it affects energy levels etc. There is a 21 meal recipe booklet included in the program, offered as suggestions for meals.

tick How do I have my food and exercise diary assessed?

Within the first week of the program you are sent a food and fitness diary log.  Simply record for one week and return via email for a prompt assessment with suggestions of improvement.

tick What if I fall behind during the week?

This is fine.  The program allows you to catch up over the weekend, plus you have access to the program and its content for up to 4 months

tick Can I do if with my family?

Yes, great and even better. Studies show that family support goes a long way.  Include your partner and children in the daily discussion and build a healthier future together