Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness programs educate and promote self-responsibility while motivating individuals and teams to tackle resistance areas or a willingness to take it on themselves.

Taking a holistic client-based approach, my style of coaching enables you and your staff to consistently begin to make the correct changes towards living a healthier lifestyle through activity, healthy eating habits and mental fortitude. Setting a new benchmark, health coaching takes a non-diet approach and tackles stubborn and unwanted habits head-on through confidence building and mental awareness techniques.

In our bigger, busier and fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget the importance of maintaining health and fitness.  Unhealthy patterns slowly creep in and form our new existence. Without strategies to help overcome these habits, often we resort to crazy fad diets and unrealistic fitness programs that only act as a short-term solution and leave us lacking the confidence to try again.

My corporate wellness programs are designed to help you and your team build a solid platform, be better equipped to maintain sustainable health choices and ultimately improve the bottom line of your company.


Research has shown that employers have a unique opportunity to improve the health and well-being of their staff. It’s no surprise to know that a worker’s health status impacts on their productivity and absenteeism at work. The healthiest Australian employees are almost three times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues.

Doesn’t it make sense to educate and inspire your team of ways they can improve their own ‘health style’? 

Allow me to help guide your staff back on track.

Certified Nutrition and Health Coach (Cadence Health),

Certificate in Corporate Stress,

Certificate in Nutrition and Child Nutrition

Level IV Fitness Coach

Current Australian Standup Board Paddle Champion

Former world and Australian ironwoman champion,

but more importantly, experience and working with clients on a daily basis allows important insights needed to help create change.

Together we will have fun to decode hurdles and obstacles that many may be feeling in their current health styles. By recreating new and exciting methods your employees will be motivated and inspired to ‘bring back health’. These can be tailored to suit and range from 1 session to multiple sessions dependent on desired outcomes and staff numbers.


Karla Gilbert Kickstarter Corporate Wellness Events

Karla Gilbert Corporate Wellness Programs


A 1 1/2-hour group presentation/discussion on how to create a platform to build healthier habits.

Key topics include

tick What are habits and how to make positive change

tick How to meal plan and grocery shop to maximise energy and nutrition

tick Examples of simple healthy meals with hands-on recipe demonstrations and tasters

tick Education on how to read food labels and decipher what’s really healthy and what should stay on the shelf in a supermarket environment

tick What the best choices are to eat when travelling away from home

tick What stress is and how to effectively manage perceived stresses

tick The link between digestion and stress with strategies to help alleviate

tick How to manage unhealthy addictions such as alcohol and smoking


karla gilbert fitness coaching


Want to get your staff into shape but not sure where to start and in need of some motivation to get them going?

In this 2 hour workshop as a group,

tick Education to help develop individual workout programs with goals (through prompting questions) that suit each individual’s busy lifestyle.

tick The secret to this workshops success is through unearthing strategies to overcome hurdles that have stood in the way in the past.

tick Rather than just creating a program and expecting results, we focus on creating the right mindset to expect results.

tick This session may also include a gentle beach workout to help kick-start the fitness fire!

Warning – this may cause an addiction to exercise!


Karla Gilbert SUP coaching


Have you tried the new sport that is taking over Australian waterways? Standup paddling is fun yet challenging and at the same time, you are getting in a killer workout!  Great for group activities and encouraging your team to challenge themselves while having fun on the water.

tick For complete novices or those with experience, allow me (4 time Australian SUP champion) to guide you through a 2-hour lesson

tick Include basic skills, techniques and balance work so you have the know-how and confidence to become a SUP pro!

COST $80 per person 

This session is conducted from Tallebudgera Creek, Gold Coast and includes board loan. Each participant must be a confident swimmer.

For more information please email