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Naked Habits is based on creating awareness around your current behaviours and habits. Through the implementation of strategies, you’ll be prompted to reprogram old habits by creating your own individualised blueprint to living a life full of energy and free from dieting.

Competing at the highest level as a professional Ironwoman for 15 years gave me many insights about what the body is capable of, what works and what simply doesn’t. This was looking at health and fitness from one extreme. Now at age 43, and have two young beautiful daughters, I have a clearer understanding of what it takes to maintain harmony between nutrition, movement, daily demands and the habits we maintain each day. Each day we are faced with choices and quite often, even though we know there are better choices, we struggle to action these thoughts.

Enter Naked Habits. This book is for anyone that has ever felt the need to diet, lose weight, experienced a loss and trust with themselves or simply stuck in a rut. It was developed to be your golden handbook in developing your own standard of healthy habits while understanding what has held you back in the past, with the confidence to move forward.

I have broken Naked Habits into key areas that are most common with creating positive sustainable change – I share current research methods, behavioural psychology findings while tapping into years of top-level athletic experience and health coaching experience with private clients – all with suggestions on how you can upgrade your lifestyle.

Whether you are a Paleoist, Vegan, follow FODMAPS, gluten-free or a combination of many – It simply doesn’t matter. What I share throughout my book is like no other book you’ve read. We approach the subject of dieting and fitness from a different angle – one that promotes habitual change and one that encourages you to become more in tune with your daily choices.

I’m in your corner and a firm believer of what works for one may not work for another.

This isn’t just another book on how a diet or workout plan changed someone’s life. And to be honest I don’t have such a story to tell. Naked Habits goes far deeper and helps YOU peel off the layers you may be hiding under – the layers that may be holding YOU back from freedom around dieting and exercise.  Hence the name, and welcome to my book Naked Habits.



  • 171 pages of thought-provoking and insightful methods on how you can change your current habits for the better
  • A series of questions after each key area to help unearth possible barriers while developing strategies towards building YOUR personal healthy habits blueprint
  • 7 Days of Wellness recipe book containing 21 of my favourite but simple recipes
  • Nourishing Snacks recipe book containing 10 healthy snack recipes the whole family will enjoy
  • Inclusion in the KG Health Community Support Facebook Page (private page, please ask to join)

Exclusively developed and downloadable activity printouts to further support your progress

  • Meal Planner
  • Wellness Goal Planner
  • Shopping List
  • Eating Awareness Record
  • Food as a Crutch Activity Sheet
  • Food Journal
  • Fitness Journal
  • Habits Tracker
  • Currents of Life Activity

  • Anyone stuck in a yo-yo dieting pattern and unable lose a hard-wired dieting mentality
  • Those wishing to build a healthy foundation of eating and wellbeing for themselves and/or family
  • If you are struggling with body positivity and feel compelled to reach a certain weight as a goal (this makes matters worse!)
  • All those that have dieted in the past and feel overwhelmed by nutritional jargon and confused with what is right and wrong for them.
  • If you find it difficult to commit to a fitness program or lack the know-how of what a movement program should entail
  • Those that would like to know how to be organised around meal planning, shopping and preparing healthy meals
  • Anyone that has recognised emotional eating as a cause of over/under eating
  • If you’ve found yourself stuck in a rut and not knowing how to escape it
  • Those wanting to know how stress, hormones and toxins can play a part in weight control
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What a fabulous read and a must read for everyone!

“Naked Habits has been an eye-opener for me. After each section there is a selection of questions that help form an individualised plan and although some were a little confronting at first – it was a process I needed to go through to help reconnect my mind and body that had been lost after many years of dieting and not listening to what my body was asking for. Thank you, Karla, for giving me the tools to move past what I’ve been stuck on for many years!”


Naked Habits helped kick me out of my rut

“I was going through a stage where life had thrown a curveball and I my healthy habits went out the window. Karla’s knowledge is second to none and her words just make sense. The book gave me the kick up the butt I needed to take responsibility once again for my health by creating goals and working through the questions outlined after each chapter. I’ve realised that the answer to change lies within me, and no diet or crazy gym program is ever going to outshine a good foundation of health habits”


My life has changed for the better!

“Before reading Naked Habits, my goals were very weight orientated. During the pages of the book my goals became so much more meaningful, and I realised that if I instead, tended to goals around my everyday habits – then the weight would look after itself- and it did. I have stopped questioning what is right for me and have such a clearer vision with purpose. I would recommend everyone to read Karla’s book who wishes to take control of their emotions around eating, develop a fitness plan that speaks to them and develop strategies that remain for life.”


Karla knows her stuff and is a role model who walks the walk

”Karla’s book has been a revelation for me. Naked Habits bought up many issues that I wasn’t aware of and ones that had been brushed under the carpet for too long. I now have my habits blueprint to help guide the way and reflect on – and this is exciting. I’ve realised that my mind has a lot to answer for in correcting old habits and how easy it is with simple tweaks. Oh and I just love Karla’s recipes in the back of the book too!”

Want to know more?

tick How much does it cost?

Naked Habits is an investment of $29 which includes 177 pages of life-changing tips and strategies

tick Do I need to put time aside?

Naked Habits is designed to change your life the moment you open the book, all you need is your commitment, desire and readiness for change.

tick Will I lose weight?

Although the guide does not focus on weight loss or diets (as we all know this is not sustainable), the strategies are tailored towards finding your ideal weight and exploring your habits and behaviours that have lead you to the present moment. This could emerge from a number of issues addressed throughout the book. The end result goal is for you to have a clear blueprint of what YOU need to do to CHANGE you.

tick Is the book universal?

Yes!  If you speak English, the book is designed for you, regardless of gender, spirituality, race or age.

tick Do I have to follow a food plan?

Naked Habits covers nutrition in simple terms which allows you to understand in depth how it affects energy levels, digestion and overall health. There is a 31 meal recipe booklet included, offered as suggestions for making your own healthy meals.

tick Can I have my food/nutrition diary assessed?

Yes!  Simply add this to your cart and for an extra $29, you will receive an assessment record which allows you to record a week’s worth of meals and snacks.  By returning the forms via email, I am able to recommend changes and recommendations.

tick What speed shall I read the book?

The slower the better – the more time you can dedicate to each section of the book, and the questions following the chapters, the higher the chance you have of creating change.

tick Can I do it with my family?

Yes, great and even better. Studies show that family support goes a long way.  Include your partner and/or children in the daily discussion and build a healthier future together

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Upon purchasing Naked Habits you will be offered the choice of downloading an Interactive PDF or EPub version, this is dependent on how you intend on viewing the book. Freedom comes in many forms x

buy now

Upon purchasing Naked Habits you will be offered the choice of downloading an Interactive PDF or EPub version, this is dependent on how you intend on viewing the book. Freedom comes in many forms x

Karla is an accredited Nutrition and Health Coach, certified Level III and IV Fitness Trainer, has a certificate in Child Nutrition and a certificate in Nutrition.