This is not just another book that promises results through another diet or fitness program. It is quite the opposite. 

Naked Habits has been designed to help unwrite habits and behaviours that have unsuccessfully developed through dieting and calorie counting. While explaining how to achieve a harmonious balance with our environment. Habits have many layers, it is time to reveal yours and rebuild the trust you have with your mind and body.

Nutritional Assessment: Is the perfect addition to the Naked Habits Ebook to help you gain a greater perspective of what is happening in your life around Health and Nutrition. Simply add this to your cart at time of purchasing, download and maintain a diary for one week and return via email for an assessment, recommendations and modifications.

There are 2 types of downloadable files to choose from. If you would prefer to complete an online document, I would suggest choosing KGhealth_food_diary.docx to use with Microsoft Word or Google Docs. The second option is to use either form to download and print. This option requires filling and scanning the pages for return. Once completed please return via email to

Please allow up to 1 week for a reply assessment. Thankyou