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"Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of
& making choices toward a healthy & fulfilling life"


We all give a different meaning to the word WELLBEING.

Some may resonate with the feelings of living illness free, others may describe it as optimum health to carrying out extraordinary sporting endeavours. Each one of us lives at different paces but there is really no excuses for not living in a state of health and wellness.

Our lifestyle choices shape the person we are. Habits good and bad, emotions, past experiences and daily situations reflect what we see in the mirror.

Are you happy with what you see in the mirror?

Do you want to improve your lifestyle, fitness or eating habits but not sure where to start or lack the knowledge?

This is where I step in as nutrition and health coach .. to assist you to create your own personalised plan through encouragement, education, inspiration and support. Creating healthy behaviours in the realms of nutrition, fitness, weight and stress management will become effortless as you program a ‘new you’.

I can assist with

+ emotional eating issues

+ overcoming unwanted dietary habits

+ sustainable healthy habits

+ healthy eating plans/ recipes/ shopping lists

+ in-house food audits of your fridge/ pantry/ workspace

+ non-diet approaches to ensure sustainable weight loss

+ overcoming stress issues

+ create a fitness plan for a stronger, healthier, more energetic version of you

+ overcoming addictive behaviours (smoking, alcohol)

My coaching scope includes local (Gold Coast) and nationally/internationally via phone call and through a specific goal orientated plan with tasks.

I can’t wait to help you feel, live and devour life like never before!

Have more questions?

Please contact me and ask away!

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Karla Gilbert, OAM, is an accredited Nutrition and Health Coach, certified Level III and IV Fitness Trainer, has certificates in Child Nutrition, Nutrition and a Diploma in Business Marketing. These qualifications, mixed with years of testing the limits of the body physically and mentally have brought to her to the present moment seamlessly….

With a past life that saw me competing as a professional athlete for 10 years in the sport of Ironwoman racing winning numerous World and Australian titles, I have now progressed onto my next life journey, being a mum to 2 precious girls – while empowering and helping others to choose a life full of energy and good health. 

This whole shift towards family life has seen me become even more passionate about sustainable habits,. I’m well aware of the challenges we’re faced when time poor and trying to fit in time for ourselves. Our own health and fitness always seems to be the first to go on the wayside, which is why I felt a desire to share my own research and ideas.

My blog, Ironmum Karla was created as an outlet to share ideas with my readers, discuss topics while inspiring towards a ‘better you’….to keep health and fitness a priority within our lifestyles.

In August 2012, and after falling in love with the sport of standup paddleboarding I went on to win the Australian title which was a lovely return to competition post kids. Now a Naish SUP team rider I am again travelling the world and racing competitively on a world stage. One can never wear too many capes!

I regularly contribute to SUPworld magazine, Travel Live Play Magazine and Ocean Road Magazine and as a health columnist for News Corp. As an ambassador for the Gold Coast City Active and Healthy program,  I present healthy cooking workshops for residents with the aim of inspiring healthier eating habits.

I’m a proud ambassador for Maui Jim sunglasses, and Naish SUP

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