This is where it all gets very exciting. Welcome to YOUR health.

You’re researching and interested in embarking on a wellness coaching program so I congratulate you on making the first step.

Like they say, nothing worthwhile comes easy, but with my guidance and support we will definitely put that theory to the test!

With personalised Nutrition and Health Coaching programs developed around your key areas, I am available for private consults for 1- 10 weeks and beyond. I’m confident we can work through a range of sustainable lifestyle modifications together with the end result being a renewed approach to your health goals.


(which encompass lifestyle, food, stress and fitness)

I have developed these to cover varying time frames dependent on your outcome. 

These packages are a more cost-effective way to establish a wellness program and work together in reaching your goals. The longer the time frame the more we will be able to delve deeper and discover what makes you tick while formulating strategies to assist overcoming barriers. (see package suggestions below)

Or specifically, my services can include


Personal food audits via photo/lists or on location.  I will assess your fridge/freezer/pantry and suggest healthier options plus additional items so you’re creating your own healthy recipes in no time while cleaning up your eating habits.


A tour around your local supermarket will open up a whole new, exciting world of possibilities once you learn how to read food labels, see-through marketing jargon and select healthier versions of your favourite foods. Discover a new range of whole foods and how to shop so you’re leaving the processed food isles in your wake!


After a discussion on your/ your family’s’ food preferences, we will devise a shopping list that will include items to create healthy meals based on the coming weeks ahead. These will be based on wholefood recipes that are quick and easy to make –  perfect for the busy family or someone that requires guidance while setting up sustainable habits.


I’m here to hold your hand through your wellness journey so if there is any time you feel like a follow up consult or just want someone to bounce ideas off then these consults are available. After we finish a program it can be reassuring to know I am here and for this reason I offer a monthly service with unlimited emails and 1 x 60 min phone call to give you the confidence to go on your own.


Want to get into shape but not sure where to start and in need of some motivation to keep going? Together we can plan a workout program with goals that suit you and your lifestyle while coming up with strategies to overcome hurdles that have stood in your way in the past.  Warning – this may cause an addiction to exercise!