School Wellbeing Workshops 


“Teach a child about healthy eating and you feed them nutritiously for a lifetime”

With a burgeoning national epidemic of childhood obesity, the answer isn’t to give up, what’s needed is education. Parents are increasingly looking to schools to provide life skills that not only they may be lacking themselves but to ensure their child has a healthy future. In a time poor society, we are simply not taking the time to pass on skills required for good health – and without health we are nothing…

Healthy habits start at a young age…

Through engaging workshops, I promote discussion within the group while providing education on

 the importance of nutrients in the diet

 the importance of preparing homemade meals,

 what to look for when choosing what to eat/ how to read food labels,

 why physical exercise is about how it makes you feel rather than look

 how quality sleep is a key component to success

 why having a growth mindset allows us to take responsibility

All which provide the perfect platform to foster optimal learning and brain health


staff wellbeing workshop


Other Topics include

In addition to the four pillars of student success (mindset, exercise, sleep and nutrition) I also offer workshops in the areas of

 Mental preparation and rehearsal for success in sport

 Specific cooking classes

 Staff wellbeing days

 Body positivity workshops


“Hi Karla, I just wanted to say a huge thanks again for presenting at our student wellbeing day yesterday, it was such a successful day and I hope you recovered ok with maybe a paddle in the ocean… Hopefully, we can get you out to our school again sometime soon.” Sarah Stevens, Administration, Queensland Academies


“Thanks, Karla, I’ve had great feedback from staff about your session. Again many thanks and we hope to engage you again in the future.” Gayle Alessio, Principal – Clover Hill State School


“Thank you, Karla, for what was a great session – lots of excellent feedback.” Bianca Mandalios, Manager, TAFE QLD


I am flexible in delivering workshops to suit outcomes and timeframes and have delivered many successful workshops in varying capacities. If you would like more information or to set up a wellbeing day at your school please feel free to contact me